Wednesday, April 25, 2018


hyperPad is an excellent iOS app for educators to use to introduce students to programming/coding.  This is done in the familiar to use drag-n-drop interface where students can easily create games, presentations, banners, and more.  hyperPad also has an educational kit which is ideal for integrating STEM into the classroom.

I highly recommend checking out hyperPad by clicking here!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Storyboard That Update

Storyboard That the innovative educational tool that teachers everywhere are using in a variety of ways (i.e. digital storytelling, project based learning, graphic organizers, etc) just released a bunch of new clip art for their storyboards.  Users can now find new characters, scenes, items, and more by clicking here.

Also, Storyboard That released a bunch of new activities and resources for educators in subjects such as: Science, ESL, Social Studies, and more.  Check out their lesson plans and educational resources by clicking here.

I highly recommend checking out Storyboard That by clicking here!!!

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Grasshopper is the new free mobile app (iOS/Android) that Google just released to introduce students how to code.  Grasshopper teaches users how to code in Javascript by playing through fun games and puzzles.

Here are more details...

* Visual puzzles develop your problem-solving skills and solidify coding concepts
* Use industry-standard JavaScript with just a few taps on your phone
* Real-time feedback guides you like a teacher
* Collect achievements as you learn new skills

I highly recommend checking out Grasshopper by clicking here!!!

For a more detailed review check out Richard Byrnes blog or click here for Engadget's review.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Projector Screen Store

Projector Screen Store is a great site for educators or parents looking to find screens, projectors, cables, and more for home or their classroom.  Also, this is an ideal place to find good deals and other resources such as: how to build a home theater or how a green screen works.

I highly recommend checking out Projector Screen Store by clicking here!!!

For an interesting read on the evolution of the green screen click here.

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Motion Comics

Motion Comics is a nice site for digital storytelling that I just found out about from Larry Ferlazzo's blog.  Motion Comics lets users upload images and audio files to create a stunning digital comic.  Best of all, a user can publish a finished comic via link or generate an embed code making it ideal for education.  While still early, Motion Comics looks to be a good tool for digital storytelling.

I highly recommend checking out Motion Comics by clicking here!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Pixorize is a nice site for US History students that I just learned about from Larry Ferlazzo's excellent blog.  Pixorize is an innovative that uses pictures to remember facts (i.e. similar to ThingLink).  This is done by linking images together w/ facts in a comprehensive visual flow.

Below is a brief demo video...

I highly recommend checking out Pixorize by clicking here!!!


Answerables the innovative educational tool that combines the best features of game based learning w/ a learning management system has just released their free iPad app.  Answerables is being used by educators in a variety of ways from collaborating w/ other classes, to browsing the web, all in a secure 3D virtual environment.

Answerables is used as a:

• Virtual classroom 
• Lesson planner
• Learning manager 
• Quest creator
• Resource manager 
• Web browser (managed)
• Social Network
• Student portfolio
• Presentation space

Features include:

• Multiplayer game environment
• Learning management system
• Quests and badges
• Assessment tools
• Analytics
• Resource/Content management system
• Web browser
• Secure audio/video streaming

I highly recommend checking out Answerables by clicking here!!!

*Answerables is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.